Curb your Appetite with MunchEase

10 Mar

Obesity in most people occurs as a result of overeating. The overeating is in most cases subconscious as these people feel like they are starving while the reality is that they are full. This dysfunction could be as a result of Leptin resistance. Leptin, a hormone secreted by fat cells, determines the amount of food that a person can take before they feel full. Leptin works by sending a message to the brain to let a person know when they are full. It, therefore, helps in maintaining energy balance and body weight in a person. When a person has had enough food and more fat, the body releases more leptin into the bloodstream so that you can stop eating and burn off the excess fat to avoid obesity. Conversely, if there is less body fat, the body will release less leptin letting the brain know that it is time to eat.

Well-balanced levels of leptin help in maintain a healthy body weight. However, if the body produces high levels of leptin, there is a risk of the person developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Leptin resistance can also be a problem. People with leptin resistance are likely to gain weight and become obese. With a leptin resistance, the body does not respond to the leptin signals to stop eating. The person will, therefore, continue eating even when they are full. This leads to accumulation of excess body fat which results in obesity.

Leptin resistance can be induced by stress, THC, lack of sleep, a BMI above 20, eating refined carbohydrates and processed foods. These conditions create hormonal changes which lead to increased appetite. The increased appetite is troublesome for people trying to lose weight. THC or cannabis-induced appetite is particularly hard to control. These people would like to know how to control the munchies and only eat enough. Exercise is one way to control munchies. It, however, does not work on munchies induced by THC.

Munchease is a dietary supplement that has proven effective in curbing appetite; even if it is caused by cannabis. Munchease has ingredients that increase the sensitivity of the brain to leptin. It contains LeptAid, a natural complex that targets the fat cells and lowers serum leptin levels allowing the brain to receive signals from the hormone when you are full. Two leptin pills a day are recommended. The leptin pill should be taken before breakfast for those who snack throughout the day or an hour before dinner for those who love to eat at night.

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